Resources File

Keeping Your Project On Track



Week 1: Getting Started


Identify Your ProjectÕs Stakeholders—And Only Then Plan Communications, by Rich Maltzman.


The Goals Grid: A Tool for Clarifying Goals and Objectives, by Fred Nickols.


SMART Goal Setting: A Surefire Way to Achieve Your Goals, by Arina Nikitina.



Week 2: Monitoring Your Project


Activity Maps: Getting Everyone on the Same Page, by Dan Davison.


Seven Steps for Avoiding Scope Creep, by Shelley Doll.



Week 3: Playing Nicely with Others


Avoid Burnout by Focusing on Your Team, by John Baldoni.


Dealing with Differences Successfully

A Rural Initiative Videoconference and Webcast by Enid Berman, hosted by Infopeople.


Chaleff, Ira. The Courageous Follower: Standing Up to and for Our Leaders. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 1995.


Leading from Any Position: Influencing Library Effectiveness and Responsiveness

Webinar for Infopeople by Becky Schreiber and John Shannon.



Week 4: Project Communications


A Simple Technique for Evaluating Success, by Wayne Chaneski.


What Are the Signs and Signals of Passive-Aggressive Behavior? by Daniel K. Flavin-Hall.



Why Being Wrong Feels So Right (And What You Can Do About It), by Sarah Green.


Get Everyone on the Same Page with a Project Kickoff Meeting, by Tom Mochal.


Taking Your Ideas to the Next Level

Webinar for Infopeople by George Needham and Joan Frye Williams.


Understand and Manage Passive-Aggressive Employees, by Nicholas Phillips.


Additional Supplementary Resources


George and Joan on Successful Middle Management.

Webinar for Infopeople by George Needham and Joan Frye Williams.


Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day,

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